Time to talk day- 6th Feb

Mental health problems affect one in four  individuals, yet too many people are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless because of this. Time to Talk Day encourages everyone to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives.

This is an initiative supported by the department of health and large mental health charities like MIND.

There  are lots of materials to support you if you want to get involved- ideas for opening conversations like ” would you rather? ”

Why don’t you join in ?


Back to school

September can be a busy time for families. After a long Summer holiday children can be tense about school and adults have post holiday blues. This is all quite normal but if you  struggle to enjoy anything, are perpetually tired and start to wonder what it is all about you may be depressed.
The PHQ is a well recognised self administered test for depression. If you score higher than 5 it might be worth discussing it with your GP or coming to see us.
The link is below.

Longer days

Spring has officially started and with it longer evenings. It gives greater opportunity for those of us who work inside in the day time to get outside in day light hours.
Exercise is good for us physically and mentally but sometimes it is hard to know where to start. I often recommend the NHS app couch to 5k.
If you are, like I was, someone who would look at those who can go for a jog as something of another species then this app can help. It takes the mystery away and guides you very gently through from jogging just for a minute at a time to a full 5k in 9 weeks. I tried it 4 years ago and have maintained jogging as a regular way to exercise since, I wish I had done it before.
Exercise is definitely a gentle lift to the spirits, it is surprising how often a solution to an on going niggle occurs when out an about as well. Why not give it a go?

Dry January ?

Lots of people now-a-days have a “dry” January, meaning they drink no alcohol in January after a period of possible excess at Christmas. This is a  good idea  but it is probably more important to drink within healthy limits all year round than be abstinent for a month and then return to drinking more than is healthy.

What is healthy?- the amount that the government has recommended as safe has been decreasing in recent years. It is now the same for men and women at 14 units or about 14 small glasses of wine per week.

So don’t feel guilty if you have a drink in January but keep the amounts very moderate all year round. Happy New Year to all  from all of us.


Seasonal affective disorder

Winter is coming and with it  unwanted symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for some people.

SAD is essentially a syndrome where sufferers get symptoms of depression seasonally with spontaneous improvement in Summer months.

Symptoms are typically low mood , irritability, despair and guilt, tearfulness, tension, lethargy  and difficulty in concentration.

Self help is possible particularly paying attentions to healthy lifestyle including out door exercise to make the most of what natural light intensity is available. Take measure to decrease stress, making sure of a healthy balanced diet.

If things are still too difficult then let us  help with a number of options for treatment in the same way as there are options for treatment of depression. This includes psychological therapies, medication for some and also for some light therapy.

If you are struggling with this do make an appointment and we will be happy to advise you about the best treatment approach for you.

World suicide prevention day 10th September 2018

It is suicide awareness day on September 10th.

This has happened every year since 2003.

The day hopes to raise awareness that suicide is often preventable, to improve education about it and to decrease the stigmatization in families where suicide has been a cause of death.

The Samaritans are passionate about suicide prevention and are available to talk 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Their telephone number is 116 123