Seasonal affective disorder

Winter is coming and with it  unwanted symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for some people.

SAD is essentially a syndrome where sufferers get symptoms of depression seasonally with spontaneous improvement in Summer months.

Symptoms are typically low mood , irritability, despair and guilt, tearfulness, tension, lethargy  and difficulty in concentration.

Self help is possible particularly paying attentions to healthy lifestyle including out door exercise to make the most of what natural light intensity is available. Take measure to decrease stress, making sure of a healthy balanced diet.

If things are still too difficult then let us  help with a number of options for treatment in the same way as there are options for treatment of depression. This includes psychological therapies, medication for some and also for some light therapy.

If you are struggling with this do make an appointment and we will be happy to advise you about the best treatment approach for you.