Problem Drinking and Alcohol Dependence

Most people like a drink occasionally but if you find that you are drinking every day or that your alcohol intake is in excess of 14 units weekly for a woman or 21 units weekly for a man then you may have a drink problem. You may becoming irritable or angry with your partner, experience insomnia, miss work due to hangovers, have amnesia for periods when you are drinking and frequent accidents when under the influence. Even if you realize this is happening it is often not possible to limit this behaviour by will-power alone. 

We are able to provide you with an expert assessment of your condition leading on to appropriate evidence-based treatment including in patient programmes for detoxification and rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, medication or referrals on to suitable therapists.

Alcohol dependence occurs where suddenly stopping drinking produces a withdrawal reaction which can be extremely unpleasant or even fatal. This is where in-patient detoxification admission is necessary normally using reducing doses of the tranquilizer chlordiazepoxide. Then it is time to examine why this pattern of drinking has occurred either in group or individual therapy. If you remain depressed it may be necessary to start treatment for this condition. Some specific medical treatments for alcoholism include Antabuse (to discourage further drinking) or Acamprosate (to decrease cravings)